You are invited to the 2023 NSW State Road Crash Rescue Challenge

You do not want to miss the opportunity to attend this event!

This event, including all road crash rescue organisations across NSW, will focus on Road Crash Rescue, Industrial and Domestic Rescue and First Aid. The event will be co-hosted by FRNSW, NSW SES and the FCA.

Come along to northern NSW. Coffs Harbour is only a six-hour drive north of Sydney and is a great place to spend a few days.

The Challenge will be held C.ex Coffs Harbour International Stadium.

Even if you can’t get a team of six from your station, contact a station near you, contact another emergency service near you or just come along and you will be put into a team. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t competed before, this is a new event, and everyone will be learning as they go. Mentors will be available throughout the Challenge to assist.

So come along and have a go and meet fellow emergency service operators from across the state and have a great time.

Challenge Overview:

Challenge Overview  

All about The Challenge:

NSW 2023 Road Crash Rescue Challenge Synopsis   

Challenge Event Rules:

NSW 2023 Road Crash Rescue Challenge Rules   

Road Crash Rescue Challenge Score Guide – Command   

Road Crash Rescue Challenge Score Guide – Technical  

Road Crash Rescue Challenge Score Guide – Medical   

Trauma Challenge Rules   

Trauma Challenge Score Guide   

Industrial & Domestic Rescue Challenge Rules   

Industrial and Domestic Rescue Challenge Technical Score Guide   

CPR Challenge Rules   

Combi Tool Challenge Rules   

Rescue Skills Challenge   

Rescue Knots   

For more information contact:

Dave Hitchcock, 0401 979 609

Entry Forms:

NSW 2023 State Road Crash Rescue EOI   


NSW 2023 State Road Crash Rescue Challenge Program


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